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House Republicans Propose Reducing Feds' Pay, Benefits, Pension

The House Republican Study Group has released an undated report that describes supposed problem areas in the federal government. Using alarmist language that sets up federal workers as opponents of the American people, the report calls the government "a grossly inefficient bureaucracy" that "wields too much authority over every aspect of our lives [so] it becomes a threat to our prosperity and the very foundation of our republic."

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Cutting Your Pay

The Republican Study Group argues against providing cost of living increases, and recommends "rightsizing" wages. The reports also recommends cutting pension benefits from about 14% of salary down to "the average retirement benefit for private sector employees [of] 3 percent." That would further reduce employees' take-home pay.

Cutting Your Leave

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In further anti-federal employee action, the study group recommends reducing the total of all forms of leave to 29 days a year, including even the 12 weeks of parental leave. Finally, the report complains that too many employees select "expensive" health plans, and recommends policy changes that would encourage the selection of lower cost plans.

Cutting Effectiveness

Regulation scale with needle pointing at compliance

The report also claims that many, if not all, of current regulations issued by federal agencies are excessively costly and improperly burdensome on the public. The proposed Regulatory Accountability Act would require agencies to calculate and publish the impact of proposed rules on jobs and wages, hold hearings on proposed rules, and publish updated reports on the benefits and costs to regulated entities of the agencies' rules every five years. The proposal ignores both the fact that agencies publish rules in response to Congressional mandates and also the excessive cost of compliance with the proposed act's requirements.

Ignores the Cost of Top-Heavy Management

The Republican Study Group's report completely ignores the cost to the taxpayer of having excessive managers and too few hard-working employees. How many managers are in your office? How many of them produce their own work, rather than just reviewing yours? How many are really needed?