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Happening in Other Agencies

Office of Personnel Management

OPM is preparing guidance to help agencies manage telework after the pandemic ends, according to Federal News Network. FNN quoted Rob Shriver, OPM's director of employee services, who said about telework, "There’s no interest in returning to a February 2020 footing. There has been so much good work that has been done out of an emergency."

In March 5, 2021, guidance, OPM instructed agencies to drop any bargaining proposals that effectuated the three anti-worker Trump executive orders and recommend new ones.

Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture plans to expand its prior telework policy and is reviewing all USDA positions to determine whether some of them could be completely virtual.

Department of Veterans Affairs

The Department of Veterans Affairs will recognize the collective bargaining agreements in place before the previous administration’s executive orders. The VA had eliminated official time under the Trump Administration, and AFGE representatives had to use their own leave in place of official time. In addition to restoring official time, VA will no longer charge unions rent for office space, and will restore or find comparable space and furnishings where necessary.

Department of the Treasury

The Treasury Department will use an inter-disciplinary project team to consider the possibility of having a partially remote or hybrid workforce.

National Air and Space Administration

NASA's chief human capital officer Jane Datta has said, "There’s a lot more work than we thought that could be performed fully remotely," according to Federal News Network, which reported that NASA is looking at how remote work or a hybrid workplace could open up new professional development opportunities to existing employees.

Department of Labor

The Department of Labor reported that it has not seen any decrease in productivity since almost everyone began teleworking in March 2020. "Not a day goes by that I don’t have managers and supervisors tell me how amazed and delighted they are at how well 99% telework is working," Federal News Network quoted Sydney Rose, Labor's chief human capital officer, as saying.

Department of Transportation

Transportation is considering a new policy about working remotely that will permit it to offer jobs to qualified applicants regardless of their location. DOL found that 55% of its managers said their work units were more effective during the pandemic than before.