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Alternative Work Schedules

Alternative work schedules are any variation from a fixed schedule that consists of a set starting and ending time with five eight-hour workdays per week. Alternative work schedules include flexitour and maxiflex schedules. Employees must use Form HUD 25017 to request a change in work schedule. Work schedules are discussed in Article 16 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Flexitour is any schedule that consists of five eight-hour workdays per week. Employees may pick a start time between 6:00am and 9:30am. They may vary the arrival time by up to one hour each day from the scheduled start time without charge to leave and without advance notice or permission. Employees who work a flexitour schedule may earn credit hours as early as 6:00am and as late as 7:30pm. Credit hours are like comp time, but subject to different rules and limits. Employees may earn up to 3 credit hours per day and carry over up to 24 credit hours from one pay period to another. Employees must submit Form HUD 25018 to notify supervisors of their intent to work credit hours.

Maxiflex is a schedule that lets you vary the number of hours you work on any given day of the pay period, as long as you work at least six and no more than 10 hours per day, you take no more than one day off per week, and you work a total of 80 hours per pay period. Once you select a schedule, your start and end times are fixed. Employees on maxiflex may not vary their scheduled arrival times without requesting a change in work schedules. Employees on maxiflex are not permitted to earn credit hours.

Compressed work schedules are a common form of maxiflex. A 5-4/9 schedule allows employees to work five days in one week and four days in the other week of the pay period. The employees get one day off each pay period. Eight of the work days are nine hours long and one is eight hours long. A 4/10 schedule allows employees to work four ten-hour days each week and to get one day off each week. Start and end times are fixed for employees on compressed schedules.

Did you know...employees on maxiflex or compressed work schedules are not allowed to earn credit hours, even if the compressed schedule is temporarily suspended, such as for training. See the AWS Handbook, section 9.1. This is because there is a statutory basis for earning credit hours under flexitour but not under compressed work schedules. (See 5 U.S.C. 6121(4).) If you expect to earn credit hours and you are on a compressed work schedule, speak to your supervisor about your other options, such as comp time or travel comp time.

Our Collective Bargaining Agreement discusses alternative work schedules. It includes a section on maxiflex. [Section 16.03(2)].

If you believe that maxiflex is being administered inconsistently among employees in your office please contact the Union office IMMEDIATELY.

HUD's guidance on Alternative Work Schedules is available as a Handbook, Alternative Work Schedule Programs (600.4).