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Child Care Subsidy

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HUD provides employees who meet specified income limits with a child care subsidy for their payment of the actual cost of child care or before/after school care for children, legal dependents, and foster children from birth under age 13 and disabled children under age 18. This subsidy is governed by Article 54 of our contract and by federal regulations at 5 CFR § 792.201–206. The Union negotiated this benefit for all employees in 2007.

Employees may use any child care provider that is licensed and regulated by State and/or local authorities, whether located at a HUD site or elsewhere.

HUD will pay 40% of actual child care costs up to a maximum of $475/month for one child for employees whose total family income is from $60,001 to $75,000 per year. The amount of the subsidy progressively increases up to a maximum of 90%/$700 per month for employees with a total family income of $40,000 per year or less. The subsidy for one additional child at any income level is $125/month.

Child care subsidy funds are subject to availability.