AFGE Local 476

Union Prevails in Fair and Equitable Treatment Case

Arbitrator Ruled that HUD Violated the HUD-AFGE Agreement
Regarding Certain Hiring Practices

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In 2002, AFGE Council of HUD Locals 222 filed a grievance alleging that HUD violated the Parties’ Collective Bargaining Agreement by not treating all employees fairly and equitably. Specifically, the Union alleged that:

The Union hired the law firm of Snider & Associates, LLC, to represent its interests, and though the case has gone on for more than ten years, the Union has prevailed. Arbitrator Andree McKissick ruled that HUD violated the Parties’ Collective Bargaining Agreement and ordered that a large class comprising of HUD employees is eligible for promotion to the GS-13 level with back pay and other benefits. Because this case goes back to 2002, many back pay awards will likely be significant.

Many bargaining unit employees have already been contacted by attorneys from Snider & Associates. If you have not yet been contacted, you should expect to be contacted within the next few months. Please continue to cooperate with the attorney that reaches out to you. The information and data that the firm is collecting is very important to the case. Read more.

The Union and HUD continue to have implementation meetings, many of which are overseen by Arbitrator McKissick. The purpose of these meetings is to review the data on damages and continue with the implementation of Arbitrator McKissick’s Award. The class is comprised of thousands of employees, so working through implementation is a time-consuming task. However, progress has been made, and continues to be made.

While we continue to work through implementation, the Parties have also begun to discuss a possible settlement in this matter. There is no timetable for settlement at this time, however, we are hopeful that in the coming months, we will have additional information to share.

As always, if you have any questions we urge you to contact the Snider & Associates’ team by emailing them at or visiting their website at