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Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey 2020

HUD's agency ranking improved by 5 places from 19th to 14th out of the 25 midsize agencies based on the 2020 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. After years in the bottom fourth, this surprising leap amidst both a pandemic and threats to employee rights can be explained by the mandatory full-time telework policy in effect since March 2020. When supervisors aren't physically close enough to micromanage employees--a major complaint that the Union frequently hears--employees are happier. Read more about the FEVS 2020 and Telework at HUD.

HUD’s engagement score increased by 11.4 points from 59.9 to 71.3. Looks good, but this comes at a cost to you, the employee. It seems great that HUD is asking employees to be more involved in planning changes but this generally means that they are bypassing the Union.

Who cares, if you're involved anyway? You should. When management deals directly with employees, they count on you not knowing your rights and privileges. Employees tend to accept less than they are entitled to out of enthusiasm. Additionally, even if management agrees to do something good for employees, they are not obligated to carry through--unless they put it in writing with the Union.

Your Union actively protects your rights. We currently have numerous grievances against HUD based on the Department's failure to comply with our existing contract. Get involved with your Local today, and see how much stronger we are when we work together!