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Furlough 2019

Shutdown protestThe 2019 shutdown furlough began on Sunday, December 22, 2018, affecting about 800,000 employees who won't be paid during the lapse in appropriations. Approximately 95% of HUD's employees are not allowed to work during this furlough.

Affected federal employees have been promised back pay once the furlough is over, but we're missing paychecks for now.

Below is a list of resources, information, and sites for information about the furlough, HUD's plans, and financial, food, or well-being assistance.

General Information

Financial Information and Banking

Well-being/Human Services



More Information

Cost of the 2019 Furlough

According to The Washington Post, the 16-day shutdown in October 2013 cost:

The 2019 shutdown could cost the U.S. economy over $6 billion if it is not resolved by January 25, the end of its fifth week, according to one report.