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Cynthia Carter
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Cynthia F. Carter
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Local 476 President Cynthia Carter Rebukes OCIO Principal Deputy

Responds to diatribe on OCIO culture concerns

AFGE Local President Cynthia Fisher Carter sent a sharply worded response to HUD's Deputy Chief Information Officer Christopher Webber (the CIO position is vacant) in response to an email that Mr. Webber sent to all OCIO personnel.

Ms. Carter called out Mr. Webber for his baseless assertion that employee discussions of performance ratings, awards, and hiring caused a toxic environment. Mr. Webber had asked OCIO personnel to "have the Courage and Integrity to call attention to [those conversations] in the moment and help put it to a stop."

That directive echoes long-time anti-worker language that attempts to shut down employee efforts to obtain fair and equitable treatment. Noting that "mandated silence" is not the way to manage staff, Ms. Carter had the "courage and integrity" to identify Mr. Webber's "attempt at verbal intimidation" and demanded that he "seek a more unified and cohesive approach."

Cynthia Carter
Deputy CIO
Christopher Webber

"If you want to erase the toxicity that has taken over, you must first work on RE-building TRUST and STOP encouraging an atmosphere of fear, silence and intimidation which has plagued OCIO for many, many years," wrote Ms. Carter.

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Mr. Webber sent a brief defensive and unapologetic reply to Ms. Carter.