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Major Topics

Alternative Work Schedules

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Alternative work schedules are any variation from a fixed schedule that consists of a set starting and ending time with five eight-hour workdays per week. Alternative work schedules include flexitour and maxiflex schedules. Read more about AWS policies.

Child Care Subsidy

HUD provides employees who meet specified income limits with a child care subsidy for their payment of the actual cost of child care or before/after school care for children, legal dependents, and foster children from birth under age 13 and disabled children under age 18. Find out if you are eligible for the subsidy.


Performance matters are covered in our contract in Articles 30 (Performance Appraisal) and 13 (Unacceptable Performance Actions). Read more about performance standards, appraisals, and PIPs.

Reasonable Accommodation

reasonable accommodation logoIn spite of the image of a wheelchair that we typically use to represent disabilities, providing reasonable accommodations goes beyond having a wheelchair ramp and an elevator. If there is a barrier—which may not be a physical one—that interferes with you doing your work due to a medical condition (disability) that substantially limits one or more major life activities, you may need a reasonable accommodation. Read more about HUD's reasonable accommodation policies and what laws and federal regulations require.


As a member of the AFGE Local 476 bargaining unit, you are protected by many rights under our negotiated contract. You are also protected by legal rights that apply to either all government employees or to all unionized employees. Find out about the rights you have when you're questioned as part of an investigation, including your right to union representation.

Student Loans

The Student Loan Repayment Program is governed by Article 21 of our contract. Under this program, HUD may agree to repay by direct payment to the lender (on behalf of the employee) all or part of any outstanding federally insured student loan or loans. Read more about the student loan repayment program.

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Telework is a flexible work arrangement that permits employees to carry out their duties and responsibilities of their positions from an approved worksite other than the location where they would otherwise work. Read more about teleworking at HUD.

Transit Subsidy

HUD employees may receive a monthly transit subsidy when they use mass transit, vanpools, or bicycles. This is a valuable benefit that all employees may receive thanks to the Union's efforts. Find out if you're eligible to receive a transit subsidy and how to apply for it.


Keep up with the government's operating status or find out if you have to go to the office when a snow storm is predicted, and how telework affects your leave status in a weather emergency. See our weather page for more information.