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Transit Subsidy

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HUD employees may receive a monthly transit subsidy when they use mass transit, vanpools, or bicycles. This is a valuable benefit that all employees may receive thanks to the Union's efforts.

HUD will pay 100% of the employee's commuting costs for mass transportation or vanpools up to the maximum amount currently allowed by law. The Department's subsidy reimbursement will be based on a direct route between the employee's home and duty station. The current maximum that can be provided tax-free is $255.

Employees who wish to apply for the transit subsidy will self-certify their monthly costs for commuting via public transportation or vanpool on the HUD 80 and will re-certify each year on the HUD 80a. HUD will provide the subsidy on SmartCards for Metro.

Employees who regularly use a bicycle for a substantial portion of their commute between the employee's residence and work may apply using the HUD-80 form to receive a $20 monthly transportation subsidy for bicycle commuting costs. Employees receiving a bicycle transit subsidy may not receive any other transportation subsidy at the same time.